10 Ideas for Buyers to Encourage Suppliers to Go the Extra Mile

10 Ideas for Buyers to Encourage Suppliers to Go the Extra Mile

Companies that sell products rely on their suppliers to provide them with quality products in a timely and cost-effective manner. There are times, however, when it is a must to encourage a supplier to go a bit further in the service realm. For instance, a buyer may need a product within a very short period of time. How can a buyer get a supplier to do this for them? It takes some effort.

The following are 10 ideas you can use to encourage your suppliers to go the extra mile for you.

1. Offer to Give Them a Boost During eProcurement Pilot Periods

Suppliers must use software to make the procurement process as efficient as possible. Good companies will always work to improve their processes, which means they will launch new eProcurement programs. Offer to promote them during User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and software testing if they will do something for you in return. There are many things you can do with this type of leverage.

2. Highlight Suppliers

If a supplier will go that extra mile for you, go the extra mile for them by highlighting them in various ways. For instance, you may be able to feature them on a website or in other areas that are considered good “online real estate” for promotion.

3. Invite Suppliers to Your Business

Some suppliers enjoy getting to meet their customers. Depending on the type of business you run, you can have them set up a booth in your company’s lobby. Think about how you can create opportunities for them to market themselves for free while they are there.

4. Co-Branded Marketing

You can offer to do co-branded marketing. Include the supplier in brochures, posters, signs, your website, and on other collateral. If you are promoting them, they are more likely to help you in exchange.

5. Visit Their Location

Just as you can have the supplier visit your location, you can visit theirs. They aren’t as nervous if you come to them. Many suppliers like to have visitors, especially when the visitors are their end customers.

6. Push Their Products to the Top

Chances are, your business is listed online in multiple places. You may also engage in paid ads along with organic ranking for products in your inventory. Push their items to the top of everything in exchange for price reductions.

7. Create a Case Study

Ask the supplier if they will allow you to create a case study on how they have helped you. The case study can include facts and figures, which is good promotion for the supplier and for you.

8. Testimonials

Companies love positive testimonials. If you offer first rather than the supplier asking you for one, they are more likely to give you a bit more flexibility than they would otherwise.

9. Promote in Your Email Marketing

Tell the supplier you will give them a shout out to your email list. This makes recipients of emails more likely to buy the products provided by that supplier.

10. Write a Press Release

Tell the supplier that in exchange for their help, you can write a press release on the partnership that your companies have forged. The goal is for the relationship between the companies to be unique enough to warrant a release.

While not all of these examples will work for every business, the goal is for you to be inspired to ask suppliers for help when you need it. You may be surprised at how far they will go when you have something to offer.

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