3 Things Procurement Executives Should Know About Generation Z

3 Things Procurement Executives Should Know About Generation Z

All the buzz nowadays is around the care and feeding of millennials.  It’s their habits and haunts which attract the interest of businesses everywhere.

But while everyone’s focused on the behaviors of millennials, who’s thinking about Generation Z?

Generation Z describes people born since 1995.  These newly-minted workers are now entering the workforce in numbers, so knowing something about them when it comes to attracting talent, is crucial for procurement executives.  They’re the movers and shakers of the future.

So, what’s so special about Generation Z?  Let’s find out.

1. Born into new technology.

Gen Z’s birthright is new technology.  It’s almost as though they emerged from the Cloud, itself.  They are the children of the future, living with technology as naturally as they breathe.

Companies seeking out this bright, young crop of talent should be reminded that Gen Z is even more adamant about having access to next generation technology in the workplace than millennials are.  If millennials have challenged employees to stay abreast of what’s new, Gen Zrs are demanding that they do so.

With a keen interest in developments like virtual reality environments at work, Generation Z’s fresh faces desire work environments that bring them into contact with the fullness of the 21st Century they’re heirs to.  Bringing workplaces in line with these interests is key.

2. Entrepreneurial verve.

A key advantage of Generation Z for employers is this generation’s drive to innovate and create new ways of doing business.  These young people are ready to succeed and to do it, they come with fresh ideas and unique perspectives.

For procurement executives to appeal to Gen Z talent, it’s important they make it clear that they value them, because they represent a new era in the sector.  Holding out the promise of being a pioneering presence is something Generation Z seeks when looking for the right employer.

3. Collaborative spirit.

Adapting your workplace to the collaborative impulse of Generation Z is one way to draw in the best this crop of recruits offers.  There’s nothing Gen Z loves more than to be thrown into a mix in which they’re developing themselves and learning new things, side-by-side with others.

A workplace which offers flexibility and socially-adapted frameworks is extremely attractive to this group.  They want to see traditional hierarchical walls broken down in favor of fresher models with greater plasticity and career mobility.

CenterPoint Group.

At Centerpoint Group, we think sharing these 3 things procurement executives need to know about Generation Z is important.  As we move forward, the fresh faces of this generation are poised to innovate in our sector, re-creating and reinvigorating it.

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