“When first approached by CenterPoint Group, my resources were stretched and I was doubtful there was a lot of opportunity in Office Supplies. We were buying significantly below forecast and had already achieved 25% reduction two years prior … CenterPoint achieved another double digit percentage reduction, negotiated renewal terms that significantly exceeded my expectations, and built in audit processes to guard against any savings leakage or price creep over time … I look forward to working with CenterPoint again in the future.”

“CenterPoint Group helped take my project to the next level. They are true professionals and I would recommend them to anyone. CenterPoint helped us drive cost savings, strengthen our contract language, and Benchmark the organization against the industry Best Practices.” Continue Reading

“I recently worked with CenterPoint Group to renew a European contract for Dow. CenterPoint has the required knowledge on the European Market for different commodities, facilitated Benchmarking, and supported me very well during the negotiations.” Continue Reading

“CenterPoint Group has done a great job in providing audits without service interruptions or tarnishing carrier relationships. CPG helped recover savings we could not have realized on our own.” Continue Reading

“CenterPoint’s team did a great job assisting us with re-negotiating our office supplies agreement with our current vendor. We saved close to 40% through CenterPoint’s services, while still maintaining a great relationship with an important local vendor.” Continue Reading

“Vince was able to provide TOTAL with a creative approach to saving TOTAL money while adhering to some difficult limitations we placed on CenterPoint throughout the process. CenterPoint was able to come up with creative ways of addressing our concerns, meet our needs and save TOTAL ~15% from our baseline spend with this office supply… Continue Reading

“CenterPoint Group reviewed and negotiated contracts for West for Lab Supplies and Office Supplies, which resulted in significant savings … As an ongoing part of those contracts CPG audits our spend Monthly/Quarterly with these suppliers and identifies billing discrepancies, resulting in additional savings [each month]. They provide excellent service and are very responsive to our… Continue Reading

“We contracted CenterPoint mainly because our internal resources were stretched thin and we needed the extra hands. Once we were underway with the RFQ, CenterPoint’s team managed the entire process and ensured all areas were covered with a level of expertise that surpassed what we could have achieved by keeping the project in-house. Our current… Continue Reading

“We have utilized CenterPoint to help us audit and benchmark our Office Supplies purchases in North America. They helped us improve our overall contract, find additional savings for this commodity, and build on our existing good relationships … We have chosen to continue work with them now in Europe.” Continue Reading

“Vince spearheaded the interaction between CenterPoint and National Grid during my time there. I found him to be articulate, pragmatic and delivery focussed. A good well balanced style paired with a strong knowledge of his area and the needs of his customer. Vince was able to support in the simplification and standardisation of a potentially… Continue Reading

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