How to Avoid Price Increases

How to Avoid Price Increases

US Paper Mills increase prices twice in a 3-month period leading to rising costs for business, CenterPoint’s members are protected

 In recent months, US paper mills have raised their prices by 20%, causing businesses who depend on their products to feel a significant pinch.

This has occurred due to an increase in the prices of pulp and the chemicals used to treat it in the paper production process.  Of course, the cost is being handed down to business consumers.  That’s usually the case.

Businesses have always expected to pay more due to the high demand over the winter months, as more paper is sold in the form of notebooks and books.  But this year, it’s the cost of materials used in production (including imported coal from India) prompting sizable increases across the board for paper products.

What’s the solution?

What are businesses to do about these unforeseen price increases?  They still need that paper.  But how do they mitigate the damage?

CenterPoint Group is a trusted procurement advisor, bringing businesses of all sizes the solution they’re seeking to problems like the one described above.  Because we leverage $850 million in collective, indirect spend, you get the power of numbers behind your operation, keeping your costs low.

We also give our clients the gift of cost certainty, as our prices are not governed by producers, but by best-in-class pricing for over 1,500 products.

The CenterPoint advantage

Our member-driven procurement process saves our members money.  Price increases rarely happen with CenterPoint, giving you the ability to budget with certainty.

But we don’t stop at merely procuring for your needs.  We sustain and manage your account, ensuring that you’re being charged correctly.  With data analysis and ongoing reporting, you’re assured of getting the best deal with us.

No more of your valuable human resources will be continually drawn into lengthy and often futile RFP efforts.  We do that for you.

On top of it

We stay on top of market trends to help better manage your office supply contract.  Again, that means your human resources can be deployed more effectively, as we provide focused analysis to stay on top of pricing and market impulses which are meaningful to your bottom line.

To all this add exemplary customer service, so you always know what’s going on with your account.  The pricing volatility of the paper market is no match for CenterPoint Group.  Our proprietary and innovative analytics keep you well ahead of the curve.

Unforeseen pricing increases like those occasioned by US paper mills can destabilize your company at the budgetary level.  By leveraging the power of numbers with CenterPoint Group, you avoid this effect.

With CenterPoint on your side, you get the power of numbers, joining with other members to optimize your office supply spend.

If you’ve had enough of being buffeted by the uncertainty of the paper market, it’s time to join CenterPoint Group.  Get the certainty and buying power that’s only possible when people get together.

Contact us to get the power of numbers.  Show US paper producers who’s boss.

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