How Your Business Can Save on Utility Costs in Deregulated States

How Your Business Can Save on Utility Costs in Deregulated States

While some of energy deregulation’s beneficiaries will be only too happy to tell you that deregulation will save you a ton of money, the reality is a little more nuanced.

They’ll tell you that competition is great for pricing and that more choice favors the consumer.  Again, the reality is more nuanced than the hype from vendors.

The results of deregulation are mixed.  Some states (and states are the governmental level at which deregulation is achieved) have seen price increases which have shocked consumers.  Others have struggled with limited supply.

So, how your business can save on utility costs in deregulated states depends largely on your approach.  At Centerpoint Group, we have a response that answers your needs by leveraging the power of numbers.

5 primary suppliers, 1 solution.

Most companies meet their energy needs by contracting with one (or several) of 5 major suppliers in the energy market.  These are Direct Energy, Just Energy, Constellation, Engine and NRG Energy.  But that’s not as simple as it sounds.

The energy market fluctuates constantly.  Pricing can pivot in a heartbeat in one direction or the other (remembering, of course, the 2000/2001 energy crisis in California, occasioned in the wake of that state’s deregulation efforts).

Companies may experience no little difficulty finding the best deal because of these volatile conditions.  They may also not understand how to verify their billings for accuracy, or how to seek non-traditional ways of reducing consumption and spend.

Worst of all, they dedicate material time to sorting it all out.  But Centerpoint Group can do all that for you.

A trusted procurement advisor.

Your company’s objectives don’t sleep, so turning to a trusted energy procurement advisor, able to perform a thoroughgoing RFP, allows you to turn your attention to more urgent matters than energy suppliers and getting the best possible deal.

With the purchasing power of $850 million in collective spend, Centerpoint Group can obtain more attractive pricing options from top energy suppliers, with superior terms and beneficial contract conditions.

We stay on top of your account to ensure that your billings are line with your contract with data analysis and ongoing reporting.  We’ll even train your staff to ensure you’re optimizing your contract.

Elite customer service.

Centerpoint Group brings your company hands-on service which provides monitoring of trends in the energy market and key performance indicators.  We find ways for you to reallocate the resources spared to those areas they’re most needed in your organization.

Our best in class solutions are achieved by the application of elite customer service that brings your account to the attention of top energy suppliers, even if you don’t have the corporate profile normally required.

How your business can save on utility costs in deregulated states is a matter of doing things differently.  If you’re ready to save on your utility costs, you’re ready to deploy the power of numbers with Centerpoint.

Contact us to claim your enviable position in the deregulated energy market with the procurement experts at Centerpoint Group.

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