Lab Supplies

Suppliers: Thermo Fisher Scientific, VWR International, Sigma Aldrich, Regional Suppliers, Minority Suppliers

Category Challenges:

  • Highly Transactional
  • Massive Catalog Offerings (500,000+ products offered)
  • Suppliers utilizing different SKU systems
  • Price Increases
  • Matrix Pricing
  • Manufacturer Direct Pricing
  • Margin Creep
  • End User Preferences
  • Limited competition

Suppliers typically provide fixed pricing on a limited list of products with the remaining catalog being priced on a matrix. Heavy premiums are embedded into the matrix pricing.

CenterPoint’s Solution: CenterPoint’s Comprehensive Approach to this category has been developed to address the category challenges. CenterPoint’s Services include: Outsourcing Solution, Supplier Base Consolidation, Comprehensive Optimization, Contract Management, Category Management and Comprehensive RFP Consulting and Management.

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