Office Supplies

Suppliers: Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Global Suppliers, Regional Suppliers, Minority Suppliers
 Category Challenges:
  • Highly Transactional
  • Large Data Sets (50,000 transactions per $1M in spend)
  • Analysis Constraints
  • Suppliers utilizing different SKU systems
  • Price Increases
  • Non-Contract Pricing
  • Margin Creep
  • Maverick Spend
  • “Apples to Apples” RFP Analysis

A thorough analysis of this category is often bypassed by Clients due to time and resource constraints. Suppliers have become versed at the abridged approach to managing this category and will structure their offerings to appear more competitive on paper than they are in reality.

CenterPoint’s Solution: CenterPoint’s Comprehensive Approach has been designed to analyze the entire program to highlight areas of concern. CenterPoint’s Services include: Outsourcing Solution, Supplier Base Consolidation, Comprehensive Optimization, Contract Management, Category Management and Comprehensive RFP Consulting and Management.

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