Do You Receive Detailed Reporting of Your Spend?

Do You Receive Detailed Reporting of Your Spend?

You’re a big picture person.  You know the basics about your procurement budget, but you may not have a handle on the finer details.

That can mean money’s flying out the window.

You can’t be everywhere.  You can’t know whether Betty in Denver is procuring in a less than efficient way.  There’s no way to know if Ted in Houston has gone light bulb crazy in the wake of a sudden shortage.

And how long will those lightbulbs be collecting dust so Ted won’t be caught holding the (spent) light bulb again?

Your operations are all over the place, so there’s a good chance your indirect spend is too.  Do you receive detailed reporting of your spend? Probably not, right?

You’re not alone.  There are responsible people all over the USA dealing with a lack of transparency and centralization in procurement.

And when you don’t get the deets, how can you know whether your spend is efficient and serving your company?

Knowledge is power

At CenterPoint Group, we fill in the reporting gaps, with total transparency that lets you know exactly what’s going on.  No more Betty in Denver. No more Ted in Houston. Your procurement gets detailed, centralized reporting that lets you see the details in your spending big picture.

With our proprietary software, we stay on top of even the most high-transaction spends with an ongoing data feed from individual suppliers.  We bring you insight, which amounts to knowledge, which gives you power.

Eyes on the prize

Errors on your billings aren’t left to languish with CenterPoint.  We ensure accuracy by keeping our eyes on the prize.

That includes paying keen attention to pricing changes, being aware of products which have been discontinued and knowing what’s going on beneath the surface of your spend.

And we don’t stop there.  Markets change and so do your buying patterns, so we periodically optimize our processes to ensure you’re still getting the best deal possible.

We’re always in negotiation mode, so you and your people don’t need to be, getting you optimal pricing over a wide range of regular purchases.

Data matters

Detailed reporting of your spend relies on data, which provides all the information you need to maximize your purchasing power.

Procurement is being revolutionized by big data, which points to opportunities which can save you money.  Intuition and instinct are great things to have, but they’re supported by concrete data that tells you the unvarnished truth, allowing you to respond rapidly to challenges and resolve them effectively.

With our proprietary software, every transaction is analyzed, meaning you get every detail and every detail matters when you’re optimizing your spend.

The power of numbers

Our members get the purchasing power of numbers, represented by over $850 million of collective, indirect spend.

With that kind of clout behind you, you get the pricing that only larger companies with bigger budgets usually have access to.

And CenterPoint has the kind of negotiating leverage that holds the pricing line, allowing you to focus on other areas.  Contact us to find out more.

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