Don’t Waste Time Running a RFP – use a GPO

Don’t Waste Time Running a RFP – use a GPO

RFPs are rapidly becoming the old way of doing things.  As more companies give these time-consuming, tedious processes the side eye, GPOs (Group Purchasing Organizations) are coming into their own as a better way of doing procurement.

Sure, we’re biased.  CenterPoint Group is a trusted procurement advisor (also known as a GPO) that eliminates the need for human resource-heavy RFPs.

So, don’t waste time running an RFP – use a GPO.  Save time, frustration, people power and less-than-stellar results by going with someone like CenterPoint.  Let us convince you!

A better use of resources

Joining a GPO presents amazing benefits to members and one of the most compelling is an improved deployment of resources.

Because CenterPoint works with the pooled resources of its members, we represent colossal buying power.  With $850 million of collective indirect spend at our disposal, you get pricing that’s usually reserved for large scale players.

The legwork is done

The fact that an effective GPO like CenterPoint can achieve the cost savings your desire is well-established.  But direct cost associated with the items you’re procuring is just the beginning.

You save money on the legwork associated with finding the right vendors and products for your supply chain.  GPOs like CenterPoint perform the market analysis, RFP, contract formulation and negotiating. Creating the procurement conditions of your dreams are achievable in weeks instead of months, with a GPO.

Beyond group purchasing

Getting the price breaks only big buyers usually get is great, but CenterPoint offers you more.  We’re data-based procurement professionals who offer you analytics, focused account management and reporting that keeps you abreast of changes you need to be aware of.

While we’re doing all that, your procurement professionals are freed to move their operations to a category-based model that’s more finely-tuned, offering you an even more advantageous position when purchasing your daily needs.

And members enjoy a unique networking opportunity, which creates a forum for the exchange of information and ideas to make even more of procurement than your GPO already does.

Low-risk.  High-value.

If, like many other companies out there, you’re looking for ways to rid yourself of the tiresome, labor-intensive RFP process, then CenterPoint is ready to share with you the magic of the GPO.

Seriously.  Don’t waste time running a RFP – use a GPO.  This is a low-risk, high-value proposition that more fruitfully deploys your resources – both financial and human – while netting you superior pricing and the opportunity to create even better opportunities for your supply chain, with enhanced knowledge.

Get the CenterPoint edge

For a decade and a half, CenterPoint has been working with companies like yours to improve their procurement practices.

Our team comes from the procurement arena and boasts extensive data management expertise.  The three pillars of what we do are concise – value, leadership and integrity. On those three pillars stand our effective, data-informed model for bringing you a strong, reliable supply chain than saves you money and keeps your business ticking along like a well-oiled machine.

Ready to jettison RFPs?  Contact us.

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