How efficient packaging can save money on shipping costs

How efficient packaging can save money on shipping costs

Packaging has a lot to do with the quality of your operation.  Many companies think that keeping shipping costs in line requires reducing the quality their packaging.

But that can cost you.  Responding solely to price point can leave you exposed to unhappy customers when their products arrive broken or damaged.  In these days of online reviews, news of incidents like that can travel at the speed of light, representing a public relations exposure you’ll be picking up after for some time to come.

The trick here is to think of packaging not so much as a line item and more as a value-added service.  You want the goods to arrive in one piece, so reconsidering your attitude toward shipping is more about efficiency than what materials cost.

Let’s look at how efficient packaging can save money on shipping costs.

A better mousetrap.

That flat rate on budget shipping boxes has a tempting price point, but do you trust it to protect the contents you’re shipping?

And that’s the real question.  If you’re shipping something fragile or expensive, it matters what you’re shipping it in.  So, instead of the budget shipping boxes at the tempting price point, go for the corrugated box that’s going to protect what’s in it from damage.

Disappointed customers aren’t worth opting for a cheap shipping box.

Too much. Not enough. Just right!

When shipping small items, using the right amount of packing material to hold them in place and prevent damage, is another consideration.

Too much of a good thing (packing popcorn), or a box which is too small for the article being shipped can both present problems.  That box can break and then you’re on the hook for the damaged article and have lost critical customer satisfaction.

Not enough of your chosen packing material in an over-sized box can also be problematic, due to the item being shipped moving around, exposing it to damage.

Finding the balance is key here.  That means cost-effective packing materials which also protect products in the shipping process.

Layers which protect.

Use the strongest, most effective packing material closest to the item.  From there layer, outwards using less expensive materials. Because you’ve utilized a costlier material to wrap your item in, successive layers needn’t be of the same quality.

Leaving a two-inch perimeter between your inside-the-box materials is another key shipping strategy.  This can prevent injury to the product and reduce the number of materials used, saving you money.  Mileage may vary, depending on the shape, size, and fragility of the item being shipped.

Reputation matters.

As we said at the beginning of this post, the way you ship things has a great deal to do with public perception about the quality of your company.  Exposing yourself to unfavorable online reviews and the loss of customers just isn’t worth choosing the cheap means of shipping things.

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