An employee purchasing program is a smart buy for your company

An employee purchasing program is a smart buy for your company

The power of numbers doesn’t end with your everyday purchases when you work with CenterPoint.  Your employees get to save money, too.  That’s why an employee purchasing program is a smart buy for your company.  It provides your people with the same level of opportunity the company itself enjoys, spreading the procurement advantages to one and all.

Hidden need.

Your workplace is busy.  It’s difficult to keep track of employee well-being – economic wellbeing, especially.  But some of your employees, especially in this fiscal climate, may be struggling to make ends meet.

More than 3/4s of working people in the United States report living paycheck to paycheck.  Less than half have more than $1,000 in the bank at any given time, to cover contingencies.  Precarity is a common condition for many Americans.

With predatory lending, high-interest rates on credit cards and time purchases, all it takes is one emergency expenditure to put many families over the edge.

And that’s an opportunity for you.

Standing in the gap.

A voluntary employee purchasing program is an ideal way for companies to stand in the gap and lend struggling employees a needed hand.

By leveraging the buying power of your company and the reduced costs you enjoy when working with a procurement resource like CenterPoint, you can support your employees with access to the same prices you pay.

Items like children’s school supplies can be expensive, but your company is already purchasing many such items at a tremendous cost saving.  That can be passed on to your employees, with purchases deducted from their paychecks, under the plan.

But the benefits of an employee purchasing program don’t stop there.  Savings you enjoy on household necessities like paper towels and cleaning supplies can also make a significant difference in employee financial health.  Even toner cartridges for the family printer or bottled water can spare struggling families needless expense.

We help you help them.

CenterPoint Group can help your company help your employees.  We leverage the purchasing power of numbers with over $850 million in collective indirect spend.  That saves you money and with a voluntary employee purchasing program, you pass those savings on to employees who may be living paycheck to paycheck.

That can really make a difference in people’s lives.  When you’re that quality of employer, employees respond positively and in that positive response is the stuff of increased engagement, a positive work environment, and employee retention.

These are benefits which can’t be ignored.  Happy employees stay on, saving your company the cost of turnover and recruitment.  When productivity is enhanced, you’ve created a win/win/win situation.  Everyone benefits.  No one loses.  And the spinoff benefits are material.

For a minimal investment on the part of your company, you create better lives for your valuable human resources and a better public profile for your business.

With a trusted procurement advisor like CenterPoint, all things are possible.  You save money on everyday business needs and your employees share in those savings.  Contact us to find out more.

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