How to Get Wholesale Discounts on Business Purchases

How to Get Wholesale Discounts on Business Purchases

Wholesale pricing is something every business wants, with the words “I can get it for you wholesale”, serving as sweet music to entrepreneurial ears.

Paying wholesale prices for everyday business needs may seem like a pipe dream for a lot of companies.  Startups and smaller organizations may believe it’s a dream well beyond reach.  But when you’re a member of CenterPoint Group, it’s what you get.

CenterPoint Group is a trusted procurement advisor, leveraging $850 million in collective indirect spend to benefit our members with material cost savings.

How to get wholesale discounts on business purchases is as easy as becoming part of the power of numbers, with CenterPoint.

Membership is powerful

CenterPoint members enjoy the power of collective buying, enabling them to do more with their money.  Our three-step process is proven to produce cost savings.  Over the past decade, that process has averaged a 96% success rate for our members.

With a less than a 30-day implementation period, members save money immediately.  Indexed pricing and caps and multi-year protection making saving on your everyday business need sustainable for the long term.

And there’s no guessing, with CenterPoint.  We provide post-implementation reporting for each procurement project, revealing the full extent of member savings.

Procurement expertise

The CenterPoint team deploys insider knowledge to get your company cost reductions.  Our people come to us from suppliers and the world of business.  They’re seasoned procurement experts who know how to deliver substantial savings.

With up-to-the-minute market knowledge and supplier-side pricing methodology, we bring procurement best practices to every purchase we make on your behalf.

Hands-on account management

With CenterPoint Group, your account is in the best possible hands.  We ensure compliance with your contract, managing supplier-side disputes to resolution to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible.

With a customized online ordering system, streamlined billing process and superior oversight end-to-end, we manage your procurement needs, allowing human resources on your end to attend to more urgent matters.

Throughout the procurement lifecycle, CenterPoint Group is there, with its eye on the ball.  We know how quickly the market and your needs can change, so we maintain vigilance to ensure we’re doing the best job we can on your account.

Sophisticated technology.

We’re a data-driven procurement advisor, meaning we don’t rely on our guts.  We rely on data and keen analytics that stay on top of trends and examine every purchase made.  With our proprietary database, we analyze every transaction, ensuring its quality and compliance with your contract.

Our procurement software (Microsoft Dynamics) allows us to identify opportunities to save you even more money, based on past purchases.  With benchmarking, auditing and analysis, we have the technology to keep you on track for tremendous savings.

Every supplier we work with is rigorously vetted, so our supply chain stays fit to serve you.

Discover the power of numbers.

How to get wholesale discounts on business purchases is demystified, when you have the power of numbers on your side.

Ready to save on everyday business purchases?  Contact us.

We can get it for your wholesale!

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