Guide to Getting the Most out of a GPO Partnership

Guide to Getting the Most out of a GPO Partnership

So, you bought a membership at the gym to keep your New Year’s Resolution.  For a month or two, you were going great guns (and getting great guns).  But as the spring came and the weather improved, you found that your resolve was more of a seasonal thing.  By May, your membership card languished in your wallet, unused, but still paid for.

You’re not alone.  There are many people out there with the best intentions, but resolve is a fragile thing than can melt in the first rays of the spring sunshine.  You didn’t derive maximum benefit from your gym membership and that makes feel a little sad.

But how much sadder it is when you’re not getting the most out of a Group Purchasing Organization partnership.  That makes us sad, too, so we’ve written this brief guide to getting the most out of a GPO partnership.  We’re helpful that way!


The first step in analyzing your GPO spend is to determine whether there’s overlap or duplication.  Also, check to ensure you’re utilizing all the possibilities offered.  For example – you may not know all the types of products and services your GPO offers.  If you’ve stopped at janitorial and office supplies, you could be missing out on substantial savings on cell phones, or even fuel for your fleet.

With CenterPoint Group, you can take advantage of our pool of member resources for cost reductions on shipping and car rentals, too.  If you’re not accessing every possible channel offered by your GPO, you’re not deriving the maximum benefit from the partnership.

Talk to your GPO.

As the old saying goes, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”.  You may not see the services or goods you’re interested in when reviewing your contract, so call a representative at your GPO.

If you’re calling CenterPoint, we’ll hear what you’ve got to say and then we’ll connect your needs to the needs of other members.  It’s amazing what we’re willing to do when our members express a desire for access to something not listed on their contract.

Derive maximum benefit.

A GPO delivers maximum benefit when you’re sourcing the full range of what they’re able to source on your behalf.  That saves you time, money and the headache of vendor sourcing and negotiations.  At a GPO like CenterPoint, we do it all for you and the rest of our members.

It’s in our members our power to procure for less resides.  Because we leverage $850 million in collective indirect spend, we lower member business costs by delivering cost reductions for a range of goods and services, fulfilling every day purchasing requirements.

CenterPoint Group knows there’s strength in numbers.  That’s why we provide you with a full-service procurement resource, managing your supply chain and driving our procurement process with data analytics.

Time is money and CenterPoint is a procurement resource that saves you plenty of that precious commodity.

When you’re ready to take your procurement process to the next level, contact us.  We’ll provide you with a free analysis.

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