How can you be sure you are negotiating the best deals?

How can you be sure you are negotiating the best deals?

When you’re in RFP mode, your head can be down and focused for quite a long time.  RFPs are notoriously time-consuming affairs. Everywhere you look online, you’ll see detailed tutorials about how to do a great request for proposals, or how to manage one on the other end.

But concurrently, there’s a growing trend toward rejecting the entire process.  While the RFP has a purpose, they often function as bureaucratic walls between people who might have the solutions you need.

It’s a highly formal process and one you spend a lot of time on, we’re sure.  But how can you be sure you are negotiating the best deals? Is the RFP enough to ensure that you get the best possible outcome?  Is it going to prevent you leaving money on the table?

It’s probable that the answer is “no”.  But that’s not because RFP’s are useless.  It’s because there’s often limited time to manage RFPs well, in a modern office setting. Their time-consuming nature limits their feasibility in terms of ensuring that you’re negotiating the best deals.

RFP perfected

RFPs serve a purpose and they can help you get the best deals, but unless you’ve got the analytical framework in place, that may not be the case.

If you’ve become jaded about RFPs and their ability to ensure that your procurement process is as effective as possible.  You may have stopped believing. But don’t shoot the RFP. Drop its intended function on our plate.

CenterPoint Group is a trusted procurement advisor.  We specialize in indirect spends – those items your business uses every day.  With a keen understanding of the categories we specialize in, CenterPoint Group knows where the best deals are.

That’s why we keep our practice focused to ensure that pricing on every item is in line with the contractual terms we’re able to set up.  That’s part of our analytical approach which lets nothing slip through the cracks.

And our expert team has in depth knowledge of each category we specialize in, getting you the keen eyes you need to spot the best deals.

The power of numbers

Regardless of the size of your spend, CenterPoint’s experts will analyze it and then get you the deal you want.  We know who you’re looking for, because we know who the right vendors are. We also know what price trends are in place and which are on the way.

With CenterPoint Group you get an analytical version of an RFP which is data-driven, precise and professional.  And that’s the intention and perfection of the standard RFP.

Our members know that the $850 million collective indirect spend we leverage is working hard for their interests.  They know that the power of numbers gets them the same superior deals that much larger companies get.

CenterPoint Group brings you the RFP’s intended purpose, beefed up with 21st Century data analytics that work overtime to get you the best deal.

How can you be sure you are negotiating the best deals?  Join CenterPoint.  Be sure.

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