How Consolidating Your Spend Can Help Streamline Your Purchasing Habits

How Consolidating Your Spend Can Help Streamline Your Purchasing Habits

When your business has physical plants in multiple locations, it’s sometimes difficult to get a handle on purchasing.  You may have overarching policies and procedures in place, but who’s minding the store?

When remote locations’ budgets creep up past what’s projected, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if your purchasing practices vary. Without consolidation, monitoring and tracking, things can get out of hand and that’s not good business.

Centralization creates opportunities

Centralized, consolidated purchasing doesn’t just keep a lid on your budget.  It creates opportunities. When you choose a consolidated approach, human resources to manage the function aren’t expended in every location, for one.

Consolidating reduces the number of hands on the function, freeing human resources to be deployed elsewhere and increasing the likelihood of those policies and procedures we mentioned earlier being adhered to.

Often, multi-location companies have expanded rapidly, leading to ad hoc purchasing solutions.  This often means that services in procurement are unnecessarily duplicated and may be subjected to competing managerial philosophies about how to do it.  This is often the case when expansion has been provoked by mergers and acquisitions.

The opportunities happen when disparate purchasing functions are centralized, reducing the need for duplication of function and reducing the amount of time employees need to spend working off the side of their desks to get the job done.

A key opportunity is to develop the quality relationships you need with suppliers to get the consistency, reliability and savings you’re hoping for in the procurement space.

The answer is CenterPoint

If you’re struggling with purchasing practices across a variety of locations, then it’s clear that you need to centralize the function and consolidate it into a single, efficient function that gets your company what you need at the pricing you seek.

At CenterPoint Group, that’s what we do.  We’re a trusted procurement advisor, leveraging $850 million of collective, indirect spend to bring your customers the power of numbers.

When your purchasing is in the hands of the professionals at CenterPoint, you’re getting the pricing and stability you need to adhere to budgetary demands.  There’s no question about conformity of purpose because we’re procurement professionals who bring you cost savings on everyday office purchases.

Better together

CenterPoint’s customers know that we’re better together.  When resources are pooled, they’re able to reach beyond what’s normally possible.  You get the purchasing power of a giant, when you rely on the power of numbers and the procurement expertise of our team.

We’re able to offer our customers as much as 35% savings, with an ROI which can exceed 500%.

That’s effective purchasing.

In under two weeks, we can offer your company immediate savings.  With CenterPoint, those savings are sustainable. You get multi-year protection to support your budgeting with indexed pricing and caps.

CenterPoint Group

Now that we’ve revealed how consolidating your spend can help streamline your purchasing habits, it’s time to think about joining us to benefit from the undeniable power of numbers.

Contact us.  Streamline and consolidate your purchasing with strategic expertise.

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