How up-to-date reporting can save your company time and money

How up-to-date reporting can save your company time and money

Reporting can sometimes cause people’s eyes to glaze over.  Just the thought of reviewing reports sends some of us into a reverie about just about anything else you can name.

But reporting is a crucial tool for procurement professionals.  It keeps your process and supply chain on track and on time. Without it, how do you know how you’re doing?

When your company isn’t receiving timely reporting, pricing structures suffer in the absence of oversight.  Up-to-date reporting helps you fill the oversight gap, delivering optimal pricing based on fresh, hot data.

This post is about how up-to-date reporting can save your company time and money and we’re confident that’s something everyone reading will want to know more about.


The Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has found that companies in which data was the basis for decision-making were 5% more productive and 6% more profitable.  

And the same principle applies to procurement.  Transaction analysis is a key part of the way technology provides data which reveals key information about purchasing history.  At CenterPoint, our proprietary database analyzes up to 250K transactions at a time.

We’re able, using this system, to rapidly and accurately find areas requiring attention.  That’s the kind of oversight and resulting pricing that saves your company time and money.

With Microsoft Dynamics software, we’re also able to ensure accurate billing and find you savings, with sophisticated auditing and benchmarks.

Our RFP methodology goes beyond the traditional process, finding you best-in-class pricing, as we use auctions and other tools to demand the best deal for your company.

All the state-of-the-art technological support we offer your procurement process adds up to you saving time and money with up-to-date reporting, provided to you as part of our continual account management support.

Clear, compelling reporting

CenterPoint Group brings your procurement process clear, compelling reporting.  That helps your team see the value of collaborating in common purpose.

When they see their role in reducing costs and contributing to the financial health of your organization, they’re motivated to become the Center of Excellence you know they’re cut out to be.  Up-to-date reporting lets your people in on key performance indicators that push them to embrace global procurement, because it gives them what they need to succeed.

Our team serves your team, with professionals drawn from top Fortune 500 companies, bringing our service data scientists, project managers, procurement specialists, database programmers and executives at the top of their chosen fields.

That’s expertise you can rely on.

Save time and money with CenterPoint Group

How up-to-date reporting can save your company time and money is via the provision of clear data which compels your procurement people to reach higher.  With CenterPoint, you get the data analytics you need to keep pace with changing markets and stay ahead of the curve.

We’re trusted procurement advisors who offer 21st Century procurement solutions that save your company time and money and that includes the hot, fresh data you need to know exactly where you stand.

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