Innovative Solutions Needed for Future Office Requirements

Innovative Solutions Needed for Future Office Requirements

We’ve talked quite a bit on this blog about Millennials and the often-overlooked Generation Z.  As people in these age groups are poised to dominate workplaces by 2020, employers are answering at least some of their demands for a less hierarchical and more flexible workplace.

Some of what that means is working remotely.  With strong infrastructure now in place to support remote work, it’s never been so easy.  Flexible work schedules which don’t demand a 9-to-5 day are also becoming increasingly the norm.

With the advent of the Cloud, employees of all ages are finding that more employers are willing to accommodate a different and less structured approach to the workplace, but there are other changes on the horizon.

Innovative solutions needed for future office requirements are springing up all over the place.

“Serviced” offices.

If the United Kingdom is any indication, serviced offices are at least part of the revolution in the traditional workplace.  Offering companies exceptional flexibility and nimble start up, these offices come equipped with everything from furniture to internet connectivity.

Deloitte reports that serviced offices have grown by almost 70% over the past 10 years.  Demand is growing for this simple, innovative solution, attractive because of the incredible flexibility and freedom it offers.  This is especially true for tech companies and small to mid-sized businesses.

The adjustable workplace.

Without having to commit to long-term arrangements, companies are discovering that serviced offices provide them with all they need, in a latch key set up.  Adjustable and negotiable, this means that companies can downsize or grow, depending on their projected needs, without having to resort to breaking a long-term lease which no longer serves their needs.

Technology companies find this arrangement attractive, due to the volatile nature of their sector and the unpredictable nature of their office space needs.  With more employees choosing to work remotely, at least part of the time, need can fluctuate drastically.

The serviced office trend is set to continuing growing exponentially in the UK, with the trend being diffused internationally.  The allure of lower risk and associated costs, as well as the attraction of finding all you need the moment you walk through the door, is driving the rise of serviced offices.

As the traditional workplace slowly recedes and young, technologically savvy people swell the ranks of the workforce, innovative solutions needed for future office requirements will continue to evolve.  A smaller footprint and great worker mobility are creating a whole new era of working life.

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