The Knowledge, Tools and Processes You Need to Work With Millennials

The Knowledge, Tools and Processes You Need to Work With Millennials

Millennials have been an ongoing topic of conversation since this generation first received the now well-known label.  Born in the period between 1980 and the year 2000, discussion of the generation ranges from the denigrating to the hopeful.

They’re derided as entitled, lazy and distracted by their mobile devices.  They want to work as little as possible.  They’re brilliant, arrogant and disinterested in all the totemic icons of the working world so beloved by the group they’re most regularly compared to – boomers.

Truth be told, while we may have our misgivings about millennials, they’ll form half the workforce in only 3 years, so they’re not going anywhere.  In fact, they’re going to be leading us before we know it.

The truth about millennials.

Millennials see the world through an entirely different lens.  Raised with technology as a part of their lives, they rely on it and use it as a portal to the world around them.  Curious, opinionated and collaborative in their approach to work, they’re keenly interested in horizontal, non-hierarchical social structures, travel and discovery.

The truth about millennials is that they’re driving innovation as they become a staple of the workforce and that’s a challenge demanding to be met.

Technological change is fun.

This generation has no fear of change.  It embraces it and wants to be part of it.  Having millennials around means you will have the support of technologically-gifted partners with a fascination for emerging tools like artificial intelligence, robotics and big data analytics.

For those who struggle with these realities, millennials offer a friendly window onto a world they’re unchallenged by, comfortable with and intimately engaged in.  These are advantages recruiters need to keep in mind, when considering millennials for positions in their departments.

The millennial opportunity.

Bringing millennials into the procurement fold promises to help drive impending and ongoing changes like the ones mentioned above.  It also gives procurement professionals a chance to shape new leaders and to learn from the millennial experience, as they do so.

Millennials come with outstanding verbal facility and an ability to decipher the advantages of emerging technologies in every context they’re found in.  A combination of youthful energy and almost preternatural technological savvy, millennials bring procurement a sterling moment it can’t afford to miss.

It’s with millennials that this sector is poised to grow to its full stature, leveraging their natural gifts and generational advantages.

Procurement recruiters should view millennial intake as the harbinger of transformational change and the next stage in the sector’s development.  What they bring to the party is something entirely fresh, eminently valuable and thoroughly contemporary.

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