Are You Reviewing all Possible Spend Areas of Your Business?

Are You Reviewing all Possible Spend Areas of Your Business?

What your business spends money on is a whole lot of different things.  When it comes to indirect spend, you may not be quite sure what’s going on under the hood.

Are you reviewing all possible spend areas of your business?  It’s highly likely that you’re not, because it’s a big conversation with a lot of moving parts.  From safety to office supplies, energy to wireless telecom, your spending on daily business needs is distributed to a lot of different categories.

CenterPoint Group is the answer to drilling down into your purchasing to find out where the money’s going and how less of that money can go there.  Because you’ve got enough going on, you can’t keep tabs on every aspect of your spending.

But we can.

Immediate results

When you join CenterPoint Group, you’ll see results in under two weeks.  But those results grow with time.

Your savings are sustainable with CenterPoint because you get multi-year protections derived from indexed pricing and caps.

With CenterPoint, price increases are rare.  We’ve got the negotiating leverage needed to ensure that favorable prices stick.  That lets you relax, as your spend is brought under control with the oversight of your trusted procurement advisor – CenterPoint.

MRO magic

Maintenance, repairs, and operations (MRO) is a huge spend area, encompassing everything from machinery and parts to cleaning supplies and other daily needs associated with the conduct of your business.

There are literally thousands of categories and sub-categories which combine to create MRO, so it’s unlikely you’ll get a handle on all of them without the support of a GPO like CenterPoint Group.

So many companies distribute MRO purchasing across multiple locations, but that’s not efficient.  With CenterPoint, MRO is centralized, streamlined and costs are reduced. This is a complex area which requires a practiced, focused hand and you’ll get that, with CenterPoint.

Pre-negotiated agreements.

CenterPoint offers members category expertise in key areas like MRO, office supplies, safety and PPE, wireless and energy.

With a strong command of markets and category expertise, we dispense with the need to spend valuable human resources hours on RFPs which may or may not bear fruit.

We’re able to create highly competitive agreements for our members which bring them best-in-class terms and conditions.  That saves you the complex, time-consuming business of negotiating with multiple suppliers.

You save time and money when CenterPoint is reviewing all possible spend areas of your business.

Value. Leadership. Integrity

With total transparency and accountability, CenterPoint brings you finely-tuned, outsourced support that gets you the cost savings you need to meet your goal, creating a Center of Excellence in procurement.

We bring our members value.  In only two weeks, you’ll see what we mean.  With no long-term commitment required from you and no minimum purchases, you’ll see our value while barely lifting a finger.

CenterPoint leads and innovates in the strategic sourcing sector with over 10 years of market and data experience.  And our knowledge delivers.

Contact us to experience the power of numbers with a trusted procurement advisor – CenterPoint Group.

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