To request accounts for your company, please fill out the information below. The required sections are the Company Info, Point of Contact, Ship-to Addresses, and the Web Users. To add additional addresses or users, click the + button. Please note that the Ship-To ID# field referenced in a Web User will be the shipping address for that user. This number must match an ID# in the Ship-to section.

  • Sign-up your company’s account and begin purchasing with CenterPoint’s GPO within 48 hours. Fill out each section completely for a quick and easy setup.

  • Company Info

  • To properly set your company up in our system, please provide the company’s legal name and address.

  • Point of Contact

  • Point of Contact is the main person with whom CenterPoint will communicate for the purposes of account setup, please provide all relevant contact information below.

  • Ship To Address / Delivery

  • Please provide the shipping address for all locations the will be ordering supplies. For multiple Ship-to/Delivery locations, click the “+” icon.

  • ID#StreetCityStateZip 
  • Web Users / Buyers

  • Web Users are the individuals who will be purchasing products for your company. Each user will be provided a login and password. Note: “Ship-to ID#” corresponds to the Ship-to ID# in the Shipto/Delivery Address section. Provide all the Ship-to ID#’s that each user will be buying products for.

  • First NameLast NameE-mail AddressPhone NumberShip-To ID# 
  • Account Representation

  • CenterPoint works with each of its clients to make sure that they are properly setup and your account needs are met. A CenterPoint representative will follow up with your Point of Contact to discuss your account and how CenterPoint can be of better service to you.


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