Comprehensive Optimization


Global Technology Company with $3.0 Billion in revenue


Client had a combination of corporate liable and individual liable users on two separate wireless telecom carriers. The individual liable users would expense their bills monthly. The corporate liable users had access to company agreements. The overall user base totaled 2,000, however there was only minimum visibility in 50% of the user base.

Internal studies were conducted, however the incomplete data from the expense software created a major hindrance to the process. With so many unknowns and an overly extended IT team, the decision to continue to the project presented a challenge. However the Client was certain that converting to all corporate liable devices was an industry “best practice” that would yield major benefits in compliance, security, and cost savings.


CenterPoint was engaged to perform a Comprehensive Analysis on the entire mobility program. Our solution allowed the Client to utilize CenterPoint as an extension of company resources and produce an immediate, yet positive ROI scenario. The process began with a data gathering exercise that provided a complete picture of the user base. Information was gathered on all 2,000 users. A baseline was established and the Client’s monthly usage patterns and pricing were identified. CenterPoint’s benchmarking and historical review process identified all major areas of concern.


CenterPoint implemented a single wireless telecom agreement that was fully optimized to fit the Client’s usage patterns. The savings were derived from several different components, including: technology refresh, lowered long distance and roaming rates, and access to CenterPoint’s unpublished pricing plans. In addition, further optimizations were made on a per user basis with access to online reporting in the new liable environment.


  • Pre – CenterPoint Spend: $1.9 Million
  • Post – CenterPoint Spend: $1.4 Million
  • Savings: $500,000 (26.3%)

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