Supply chain RFPs consume significant time and resources. We have the solution

Supply chain RFPs consume significant time and resources. We have the solution

The Request for Proposal process has many challenges.  You’re looking for the best deal and multiple vendors are looking to become your “go to” source for the goods or services you’re reaching out to procure.

But supply chain RFPs consume significant time and resources and they often don’t get done what you anticipate they will, regardless of how carefully you produce them.

But your perceptions and those of potential vendors are going to be different.  Vendors who don’t make the winning bid generally follow up with a request for debriefing about why they fell short.  But sometimes, people responsible for RFPs are left scratching their heads when their efforts don’t produce the desired results.

Clarity and transparency

Far too often, RFPs are released into the market without a clear description of the scope of work required.  When this is the case, there are sometimes tremendous disparities between bids that reveal the flaw.

If an RFP goes out which receives bids which vary wildly, what could possibly have gone wrong?

That would be your description of what’s required.  It could also be that you haven’t been transparent about your budget.  Fine, clear descriptions and budgetary transparency render more realistic bids.

These two factors can prevent a lot of misunderstandings and vendors wasting their time on bids that go straight to File 13.  With greater clarity and transparency, their resources can be spared.  That helps you build relationships with vendors you may need later.

Let’s face it – when organizations are spending between numerous hours preparing a bid and a bunch of money on human resources, you’re not going to be the most popular company on the block.  The time and resources consumed might have been spared, had you had your RFP ducks in a row.

CenterPoint Group has the solution

CenterPoint is a trusted procurement advisor with a membership adding their resources to our expertise to create the conditions needed for exceptional procurement management.

Part of the service we offer our members is an in-depth RFP process which gets the job done, sparing you damaged public profile due to RFPs that waste the resources of your bidders.

Because we leverage indirect collective spend of $850 million, we get the best deals from the best vendors in the industry, using the buying power of our members.

That positions your firm to benefit from high-level expertise that gets you realistic, quality bids which help build relationships down the supply chain.

CenterPoint Group manages your member account with exceptional customer service, ongoing reporting and key data analysis that monitors the status of the market and your agreements with vendors.  You get the best deal, plus the administrative and analytical experience of a longstanding procurement partner, as a member.

Supply chain RFPs consume significant time and resources, but CenterPoint Group has the solution.  Marrying your buying power to that of other members and uniting that enhanced market presence with CenterPoint’s expertise is that solution.

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