What Are Some of Your Current Challenges in Purchasing?

What Are Some of Your Current Challenges in Purchasing?

We’ve all got our problems and procurement professionals are no exception.  As with every business sector, procurement is facing economic, social and technological change that’s coming fast and furious.

It can be a little disconcerting how quickly things can change in a dynamic landscape like the one we’re in.

So, what are some of your current challenges in purchasing?  We’re willing to bet they’re not that different from those of professionals elsewhere, with finding the right people being a big one.

In a jobs market with more vacancies than people hoping to fill them, the kind of talent procurement needs is thin on the ground.  Retaining it when you finally find it can be tough, too. Then there’s downward pressure on pricing, arising from fluctuations in the prices of commodities and services.

Finally, procurement’s ability to absorb change and emerge from its rigors victorious is a major concern. Change doesn’t wait.  People are accustomed to doing things a certain way and sometimes, that puts the brakes on positive change that can benefit your company.

In this post, we’re going to tell you how CenterPoint Group can put these challenges to rest.  We’re a purchasing partner that gives you what you need to produce exceptional results in procurement.

Talent?  We’ve got it

CenterPoint’s teams consist of procurement professionals, former employees of suppliers and business professionals who bring our customers all the right talent to bring their purchasing processes up to the minute.

With 15 years of data and market experience, we’re a team of seasoned experts who have served 20% of the Fortune 500 during our tenure in this sector.

We are the talent you’re seeking and we stick around for as long as you need us.

Shifting economic sands are no match for CenterPoint

While it’s true that the market is volatile, there’s no cause for alarm with CenterPoint Group in your corner.  We bring you indexed pricing and caps which preclude market volatility, taming it so that you know what to expect.

Employing key data, we look at your last year’s purchasing figures, analyzing them and forecasting your needs.  You know what you’re getting into with CenterPoint, so that the market and its vagaries are somebody else’s problem – not yours.

Facing change head on

Big data only sounds scary.  What it is, in truth, is your ticket to more responsive purchasing process that identifies trends and market realities and gets ahead of them.  Big data can also track every transaction in a complex purchasing setup, ensuring that nothing falls between the cracks and that every purchase you make is fully accounted for.

Global purchasing, done right, is a process of creating greater efficiencies and streamlining operations.  And the ability to make those wonderful things happen is what big data gives us.

That’s why we face change head on at CenterPoint.  Because we’ve done it, our members benefit, with insights that set the scene for superior savings and increased efficiencies.

If purchasing challenges are keeping you up at night, contact us.  We’ll get that seen to.

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