Why is it So Difficult to Manage Your MRO?

Why is it So Difficult to Manage Your MRO?

The complexities of MRO can sometimes seem ungovernable.  Your company is running what you believe is a tight operation, but Maintenance Repair and Operations can sometimes take a back seat to other priorities.

And that’s not the best way to manage such a crucial and integral aspect of your business.   

Getting a handle on who’s buying what from whom – all on its own – can be a long day’s journey into night.  You’re dealing with multiple suppliers and your MRO function is probably fractured, having been placed in the hands of people across various locations around the country or around the globe.

A jigsaw puzzle

If what you’ve just read describes your operation’s MRO, then getting a handle on it can be like putting together a jigsaw puzzle – of the solar system.  There are a lot of stars out there.

With MRO, those stars are SKUs.  Stock-keeping units in the millions fall under the hundreds of categories of MRO necessaries.  From equipment and parts to office supplies and cleaning products, the disparate, complex nature of MRO is often tough to adequately monitor.

And monitor it you must, to create the efficiencies and savings MRO could be delivering.

It’s a business function

You know MRO is important.  If the supply chain breaks down at a crucial moment, or if a machine needs a part you don’t have in stock, you’re looking at downtime you can’t afford.  Your MRO needs to be managed closely and viewed as a critical business function that’s the backbone of your operation.

With limited visibility into the buying behavior of the many people involved in procurement across the company, how can you control spending?  How can you ensure that your supply chain is as sustainable and robust as possible?

It’s tough!

But there’s a better way to do it.  Many companies are realizing that MRO has the potential to bring enhanced value.  That realization is compelling them into the arms of procurement professionals with the expertise required to take on the difficult task of MRO reform that matters.

CenterPoint is a trusted procurement advisor, bringing companies like yours a better way of doing MRO.

A powerful ally

With 15 years of focused experience managing and interpreting data, CenterPoint is a powerful ally, offering meaningful MRO reform.  We penetrate your supply chain, de-mystifying and taming it with market insights and insider knowledge of supplier-side pricing methodologies.

Taming MRO means re-visioning it as a Center of Excellence which contributes materially to the efficiency of your operation, contributing value.  We effectively deploy data analytics and transaction analysis, creating opportunities to streamline operations.

Procurement in MRO is a complex undertaking that demands continual, expert management to make it run smoothly, efficiently and with an eye to cost control.  With CenterPoint managing your MRO, you have a powerful ally that leads the way to MRO-as-service – to your bottom line, your suppliers, your end users and your employees.

Unlock the power of your MRO with the seasoned procurement experts at CenterPoint Group.  Contact us.

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